Faroe Islands, Denmark.

Faroe Islands, Denmark.

If you are wondering why in the world I would include a travel blog in my music site, well, I guess it’s because life happened. It was on a chance trip to Antarctica where I met Michael, a travel photographer from Germany and one of the “most-traveled” people in the world. (You can’t make it up. As of today, he has photographed every country in the world, most provinces and UNESCO World Heritage sites).

He had me at "political podcasts" when I asked him what kind of music he liked. The rest is history.

I write about what it’s like traveling as a family with an extreme traveler and photographer, whether on assignment or to shoot a new territory. We always travel independently, and we move quickly.

I’m not versed in hotels or the tastiest eats (although Sia can surely give you a run for your money with her palate of Sriracha and pickled herring).

I’m more interested in the paradoxes and the poetry:  how countries stigmatized by war must be acknowledged moreso than ever. What a matriarchal society in Southern Africa can teach us about our own maternal wisdom. The beauty and quirks of being eine Ausländerin, or foreigner, in Germany. And my personal favorite, how traveling with a baby can be the mightiest of door openers.

How can we nurture this world with the limited time we have, and even more crucially, leave it a better place for our kids?

When we learn to to reach beyond our borders (at home & afar) and infuse love into every interaction, well, that is my intention for this blog- I guess that is where it and the music converge.

With Gratitude, and Liebe Grüße,

MICHAEL has photographed all of the 193 U.N. countries in the world. His images have appeared in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveller, Conde Nast, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Penguin Books & more.

He also has one of the most extensive photo libraries of UNESCO World Heritage sites to date, making him one of the few people in human history to have traversed almost all the provinces on the planet.

His first book was released in January 2018 with Frederking & Thaler, the German publishing arm of National Geographic. Michael Runkel Photography

SAMANTHA has traveled through over 80 countries, either with Michael or as a touring musician. She's been featured in the GuardianMatador NetworkHayo Magazine & more. She's a supporter of Musicians Without Borders bringing music to children in conflict areas & Every Mother Counts helping women access safe maternity care worldwide.

SIA traveled across all continents except Antarctica and almost 25 countries by her first birthday. Her favorite experiences (we think) were learning to climb stairs via Indonesia’s temples & eating rice for the first time in Hokkaido.

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