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Happy New Year!

Hello Friends and Happy New Year!

Wow, it was a wild year in every way, and completely opposite of what I ever could have imagined. I moved to Germany, got married, and can actually speak some Deutsch, albeit horribly :) I’m also finally getting into the studio over here! Now that I know “more cowbell” in German (“mehr Kuhglocke”) it’s much easier for me to communicate with musicians and studios here. For me, learning the native language was essential to the process.

The music I’m putting together is a new endeavor, it is inspired by the experience of travel, also the beautiful, sometimes forgotten people and instruments that I heard on my Round-the-World trip from 2012.

I really appreciate everyone who has kept in touch over the past few years. I was never really cut out for rockstardom, and am so, so much happier being a student of life. But yeah, I am pretty thrilled to get into the studio and work with musicians over here in Europe. Let’s see what happens.

In the meantime, here is a very short clip of what New Years Day was like for me, watching a group of Rwandan singers and dancers perform in the Northern part of Rwanda. It’s enough time to sense the joy in these girls and boys’ dancing and singing. It’s amazing to see how this country has recovered from the unimaginable genocide in 1994, and how the people there were able to forgive. Just one of the many ways that Africa rocked my world.

till the next time!

In the Studio in Germany / Ins Studio in Deutschland

Demos Done! Happy Holidays!