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"Catherine the Great" Music Video: Filmed in Kamchatka, Russia

Last summer we traveled through Russia- Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Golden Ring in the west to the uncharted territory of Siberia’s Kamchatka in the far east. Also, Vladywostock where the Transsiberian Railroad begins. It was pretty frickin badass. We drove an old military Kamaz military vehicle through the badlands of Kamchatka, up black volcano rock camped amidst molten lava fields. There were bears. It was insane.

My female traveling compadre was aptly named “Katharina”, so being the daydreamer of the group I combined the experience with Russia’s famous tsarina, Catherine the Great, into lyrics, which was turned into the song you are listening to. We added balalaika back in Germany- there is a solid Russian culture given the geographical closeness, so it was no problem finding a balalaika player for the job.

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