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Cherry Blossom Video: Filmed in Yemen

Here is the 3rd video release… this one was filmed in filmed in Yemen (both on Socotra “the other Galapagos” and it’s capital, Sana’a with mud architecture dating back to the 11th century). Yemen is not considered “safe to travel in” & were even Al Quada air strikes in the countryside so I was initially freaked out to go, but once we got there I was (like always) met with lovely smiles and lots of “Welcome”s and realized that the world is like this wherever we go- safe and dangerous, simultaneously.

In the video there’s a political rally, endemic Dragon’s Blood trees, men eating Qat and a camel churning olive oil…

The song lyrically is about letting go to make change, which I wrote in response to the cultural differences, mostly the role of women there. It was my first time experiencing only fully-covered women, which inspired a whole range of emotions & observations!

Enjoy it!

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