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Portion of my Album Proceeds to Days for Girls

Hi Traveler friends,

I have chosen to give a small part of the album proceeds so far for Traveler’s Songbook to a program from Uganda that I love. Days for Girls makes sustainable hygiene kits and menstruation pads that girls can use for 2-3 years. With this donation (from the albums you bought:) we are sponsoring hygiene kits and training for a classroom of 30 girls. Alright!

Girls are not encouraged when they first get their period. Many girls don’t make it to school at all, are left at home or worse locked in a room to “sit on cardboard.” Some use sticks, leaves and stones so they can attend school.

We know that:

-Most girls who drop out of school drop out in the first year of menstruation.
-The poverty cycle can be broken when girls stay in school.
-The provision of safe feminine hygiene solutions directly decreases dropout rates for girls that have reached menstruation.

So why would I choose to give a donation to Days for Girls?

-the program is based in Uganda where I was fortunate enough to traveled through last year and see a bit how the country ticks. I wanted to give to a program that would have direct impact on a girl’s ability to go to school. Having her own pad (with super cute colorful designs!) will give a girl self-confidence and feeling safe in her skin. Safe enough to go to school and yes, change her destiny.

-the idea is sustainable and carries forward. Girls are not only empowered to go to school and get an education, but are teaching sewing and pad-making to other girls in the community.

-the founder of Days for Girls is so dang PASSIONATE about the program (check out her TED X Talk here, I wept!) I know my donation is going to someone who’s going to put her heart and soul into making it amazing. They’ve impacted 100,000 girls so far.

Days for Girls is solving a simple, yet HUGE problem that nobody ever asks! What are these girls doing for pads?

Well, I feel good. Do you feel good? I feel good.

Go Girls!

Photo Credit: Seattle Post

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