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2015 Update

Hi Friends,

I have been very quietly off-the-grid this past year working on a new project here in Germany. Well, a couple of projects :) One has to do with music, but not the working-in-the-studio, standing-on-the-stage kind. It seems to be the perfect bridge to my next chapter in life.

But first, news #1: I’m pregnant! Which has made me shift how I approach to performing and making music. Let’s just say trying to play guitar with this belly has been funny, but the ukulele has been a nice compromise :) It’s been a wonderful way to “tune in” to the next chapter of my life. I’m ready for it.


News #2: I’m launching a new music and travel blog. I’ve learned so much about the world over the past few years, from all the traveling and researching what I’m passionate about- sound therapy to music endangerment to interviewing world musicians. All things outside what I have learned from being a recording artist. It’s really exciting. I am creating a platform that gives a different perspective on travel, as well as encourage non-musicians and families to bring music into their daily life through tutorials and easy info.

News #3: We are planning on coming back to the States for a good 6 months int the Fall and then doing a Round-the-World trip through next year, with the babe! Expect bilingual lullabies and plenty of travel inspiration.

I will fill you in when the new site is fully launched! Till then, Tschüss, Auf Wiedersehen, und viele Grüsse,


"Catherine the Great" & "Youth Revolts" on Radio Z Nuremberg

Portion of my Album Proceeds to Days for Girls